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1. How can I book a session? 📸 Simply head to our website, browse through our beautiful packages, and click "Book Now". If you need a hand, just drop us an email at, and we'll be right there to assist!

2. When's the best hour for photography? Mornings, specifically around 8 or 9 am, work wonders. However, Eyla & Jonnathan might suggest an 8AM slot, or the mesmerizing sunset hours. For sunset sessions, check the exact time here. Still unsure? Ping us, and we'll guide you.

3. How does the payment work? 💳 We ask for a 20% deposit to lock in your date. The remainder can be settled in cash or with your Visa/Mastercard.

4. Uh-oh, payment issues! 😟 Ensure you're using Visa/Mastercard. Sometimes, banks can be a little protective with foreign transactions. A quick chat with them should sort things out!

5. Other booking methods? 🌐 We encourage everyone to book online. It ensures you're in the loop with our terms and conditions, which is super important for both of us.

6. Should I expect a booking confirmation? ✉️ Absolutely! If it doesn't land in your inbox, it might mean there was a hiccup with the deposit. Remember, it's not confirmed until you have that email in hand.

7. I'm booked in! Now what? 📖 Wonderful! Dive into our "Work With Us Guide" for some fab tips on attire, location choices, and rocking that hairstyle!

8. Haven’t heard from the photographers yet… 📞 No worries! Eyla & Jonnathan will touch base 24 hours before the session. If you're eager to chat before then, don't hesitate to reach out!

9. Any top photo spots you'd recommend? 🏖️ We're in love with Manchebo Beach and Eagle Beach in the low-rise area. But we're all ears if you've got a special place in mind!

10. How about my resort as a location? 🏨 Sure thing! Just a heads up, some high-rise spots like the Marriott's might have bustling backgrounds. We're all about getting that perfect shot!

11. How do I hop between the high and low-rise areas? 🚖 It's a quick 15-minute cab ride. Super easy!

12. How long will our session be? ⏰ Depending on your package, it can range from a swift 30 minutes to an in-depth 3 hours. The details of your chosen package will give you the full scoop.

13. Can we go for a mini-session? ⌛ From our experience, the current durations allow us to capture the best moments. It gives everyone time to relax and shine!

14. Picture count in my package? 🖼️ It varies! Your package details will lay it all out.

15. Who's picking the photos? 👁️ We'd be thrilled if you trust our professional eye, but if you'd like a say, that's cool too!

16. The wind's playing with my hair! What should I do? 🍃 Ah, the breezy charm of Aruba! While we adore how hair looks flowing in the wind, we've shared some hair-taming tips in our "Work With Us Guide" for those preferring a tamed look.

17. What if it rains, or I can't make it? ☔ Aruba's not big on rain, so fingers crossed. But if the skies surprise us, we can reschedule based on availability. Can't make it due to other plans? Let's try and find another slot that works!

18. Travel plans changed! Now what? ✈️ Don't stress! We'll hold onto your deposit and reschedule for your next Aruban adventure.

19. When will our photos be ready? 📅 In 10 business days post-session, your memories will be ready to relive!

20. Why the wait for the photos? 🖌️ Each photo is a canvas to us. We take our time to carefully edit and make each shot picture-perfect.

21. Will you edit my appearance? 🌟 We celebrate the beauty in every individual. We won't change who you are but will ensure you look your radiant best.

22. Not happy with my hair in the photos. Can you change it? 💇 While we can't give digital haircuts, we'll make minor fixes to ensure everything looks neat.

23. Can you make me look younger? 🕰️ We focus on capturing the real, beautiful you. Trust us, you look amazing just as you are!

24. Got a few blemishes. Can they disappear? 🌺 Of course! Just let us know, and we'll ensure they vanish.

25. How about skin retouching? ✨ We'll softly enhance your skin in close-ups, highlighting your natural beauty.

26. I'm sunburned! Help? 🌞 While we can't erase sunburns, we'll do our best to soften the look. Pro tip: Aloe after sun can be a lifesaver!

27. I wore the wrong underwear color. Can you fix it in post? 🎨 We recommend nude colors with white clothes. Some things might be challenging to tweak post-shoot, so it's best to plan ahead.

28. People photobombed us! Can you remove them? 🚫 Not to worry! We'll ensure your photos are free from any unexpected guests.

29. Can my resort bracelet vanish in the photos? 🔮 Sure thing! If you'd like it gone, just ask.

30. Can I buy extra photos? 💰 Absolutely! Each additional shot is just $5.

31. I'm adding more photos; will it delay delivery? ⌛ It might add 2 to 3 business days. But trust us, it's worth the wait!

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